Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome to the world Zoey Margaret Nadaud

What a big surprise the Nadaud family had in May. Just like Maxwell, our second baby decided to make a surprise arrival a month early. Zoey Margaret Nadaud arrived on May 10, 2010. As I hit the 35 week and 5 day mark, my water broke while relaxing at home. This is the exact same scenario as when Maxwell was born.
Fortunately, our good friend Dara came to the rescue and stayed with Maxwell while Josh and I went to the hospital. Zoey was born about 16 hours later at Greater Baltimore Medical Center. The labor was pretty easy. Just one push an baby Zoey came into the world, changing our lives forever.
Zoey was 6 lbs. and 14.5 ozs. She is such a dream baby. Zoey sleeps well and eats like a Nadaud. Maxwell has been such a great big brother. He loves to help burp his sister and often rushes to the rescue with Zoey's pacifier.
So far, we have taken Zoey on a few walks and have gone on many outings around Baltimore. Mimi and Papa came to visit followed by Auntie Em. Grandpa and Grammy M. were next. YiaYia will be here next week and in June, Auntie Jen will meet her new niece.

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